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Juan Felipe Campos, “Juannikin”, is a San Francisco-based growth hacker and CEO of travel tech startup NomadApp.co . Along with a great team, he currently runs the largest growth hacking group in Silicon Valley. Join the Facebook group here. 

An entrepreneur by nature, Juan started his first business out of high school and led over 100 projects with more than 40 contractors for companies like Western Forms, Intl., and Agrisoft (acq. Kind Financial 2015).

With NomadApp.co, he grew a travel community from 0 to over 70,000 travelers in less than a year and consults clients on how to do the same. Juan writes about entrepreneurship and getting rockstar digital marketing results on the digital publication Influencive.

Growth Hacking gives us the gift of sharing our startup products with the world. We begin to see our creations with more intent; confident that we can get traction. Traveling puts time into perspective. We begin to see others in a different light, knowing that the first time we see them could likely be the last. Entrepreneurship puts opportunities into perspective. We begin to see every problem as an idea begging to be solved.

“On your journey through life, make sure your biography has at least one extraordinary chapter.”

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